About us

About Marbre & Pastel

Visits for all to museums, monuments or Parisian neighborhoods, let us guide you and discover art, heritage and social issues.

Who am I ?

I’m Hélène Riba,

I was born in Limoges and have been living in Paris since 2011. Passionate about history, art and heritage since childhood, I went back to school and fulfilled my dream of becoming a tour guide following the confinement of 2020.

I founded Marbre & Pastel to share my passion and my convictions : art does good, art is useful, art helps us understand the world. I’ll take you on a tour of Paris and its cultural sites, based on three themes : Art, Heritage and Society.

As we meet and share our visits together, I’ll build this crazy adventure alongside you. What a privilege it is to guide you during your precious free time, and what a pleasure it is to make your eyes sparkle !


Marbre & Pastel

With this name and the materials it evokes, take part in a journey…
What will you discover with Marbre & Pastel ?


Sober, majestic and resistant, marble is the material that adorns our most beautiful monuments and has bequeathed us priceless representations. I invite you to discover grandiose buildings or settings, friezes, busts, marble statues… to discover the world of architecture and sculpture.


This fragile, vaporous medium evokes drawing, line, color and the way artists work with textures. I’ll take you on a tour of the permanent and temporary collections in museums, to the heart of sketches, drawings, watercolors, oil paintings… to explore works and pictorial techniques.

Le symbole

This symbol transports you to a landmark in French heritage. Can you guess which marble paving stone is represented ? Visit the Marbre & Pastel social networks !


The themes

Through these themes, the Marbre & Pastel tours shed light on aesthetics, history and topical issues.


Our “Art” tours take you on a tour of the museum’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. Paintings, sculptures, pastels or porcelain, we explore the world of plastic art.


Heritage” tours open the doors to emblematic monuments and neighborhoods. Move from room to room or street to street, and immerse yourself in architecture, atmosphere and decoration


Society” tours are themed visits that explore topical issues, inviting us to question ourselves and understand the artists’ point of view on society. Ecology, technology, feminism…

Marbre & Pastel

Why take my guided tours ?

Official expertise

As a state-qualified tour guide, I’m authorized to guide you in museums and national monuments. I have benefited from solid training in the history of art, monuments and gardens… Children, adults, people with reduced mobility, nursing mothers… I can adapt to any audience, in French, English or Spanish.


Whether you’re a group or an individual, you can choose the experience that suits you best. Private tours are available during the day, at night or at weekends. You’ll find my availability in my diary on the different pages of the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I’m not available or for any other request.


A guided tour is a moment of relaxation, discovery and wonder. Whether you take a private or shared tour, I attach the same importance to your well-being and the warm atmosphere within the group during the visit. My approach can be adapted to all audiences, as we all have a sensitivity to art, whatever our level of knowledge !


Art does good

I believe in the health benefits of art. Every work of art we look at gives off something unique that nourishes us emotionally. That’s why art is accessible to all, whatever our level of knowledge.

Art is useful and helps us understand the world

I believe in the meaning of art and the need to share culture with as many people as possible. The diversity of our creations takes us on a journey through time, space and souls.

Artists have a role to play in society

Through their work, they enchant the world, can sound the alarm. They carry values and have the power to create new narratives to guide us towards a better world.

Finally, I believe in the profession of tour guide.

We act as intermediaries between artists, their works and the public, and our work requires a great deal of knowledge and adaptability. While we take advantage of all the innovations in the field of mediation, our presence is unique and irreplaceable in ensuring warm visits rich in exchanges that leave precious memories. This profession deserves to be protected and recognized for its true worth.

How do the guided tours work ?

Reservations and tour schedule


The online catalog allows you to view the range of private and shared tours on offer. For private tours, you can choose a time slot that matches my availability. Shared tours are scheduled, with the meeting place and time indicated on the tour page.


You can pay online for your shared tour reservation. For a private tour I will send you a payment link after validation of the quote. You can contact me via the contact form if you wish to make a bank transfer. Please note that the museum entrance fee is not included in the tour price (unless otherwise indicated). You must purchase a ticket online at the same time as the tour.


If you’ve booked a private tour, I’ll call you within 48 hours of your booking to understand your requirements and send you a quote and payment link. For shared tours, once you’ve booked and paid for your place online, all you have to do is turn up on the day !


On the big day, we meet at the meeting point. Once inside the museum, the tour begins! I’ll be in charge of guiding you. Depending on the venue, audiophones are available. They are included in the price.


At the end of the tour, feel free to ask any questions you may have. And after the visit, share your opinions and feedback with me !

Need more information ?

Private tours

Shared tours


Frequently asked questions

What is a private tour ?

A private tour is a visit during which you are only with people you know. Before contacting me, you will have formed a group (of less than 6 people, but this can vary depending on the tour). This allows you to experience a special moment with your loved ones, just you (and me !). You choose a visit from the catalog and the time slot that suits you, according to my availability. I'll adapt to your wishes, your parents or children, and your pace, to create a unique experience. One price per visit, bookable online, for up to 6 people. If you are a larger group or a company, please contact me directly. This will also be a private tour, but with more people.

What is a shared visit ?

A shared visit is a visit scheduled by Marbre & Pastel. You can sign up as an individual or as a group. Monument, district, temporary exhibition, thematic tour or visit to the permanent collections... you can enjoy a guided tour with a group of curious people like you (and me !). The price is the same per person, for up to 20 people. Of course, all shared tours can also be private visits !

Why this price for a visit ?

The profession of tour guide requires a wealth of knowledge, which in turn calls for in-depth study and an insatiable curiosity to share the best anecdotes with you. It takes several days, even weeks, to create your tour ! The tour may have to be adapted to suit the visitor's profile, which requires additional work. What's more, it's often necessary to scout the area the day before, as the works of art in museums change a great deal, so this is extra time. Finally, we manage the logistics of the visit, and over and above the taxes we pay as a contractor, we pay a fee to the museum for each visit (between 0 and 300€).

Is online payment secure ?

Yes, online payment at marbreetpastel.com is completely secure. Advanced encryption protocols guarantee the confidentiality and security of your financial information.

I'm breast-feeding my baby. Can I take a guided tour ?

Cela est tout à fait possible car vous avez le droit d'allaiter au musée ! Pour une visite privée je m'assurerai de votre confort si vous avez besoin d'une pause, pour une visite partagée je vous indiquerai les meilleurs endroits et il faudra ensuite rejoindre le groupe.

This is entirely possible, as you are allowed to breastfeed at the museum ! For a private visit I'll make sure you're comfortable if you need a break, for a shared visit I'll show you the best places and then you'll have to join the group.

How do I buy museum admission ?

The price of the guided tour does not include the entrance fee (except in exceptional circumstances). You must therefore purchase your tickets at the time of the tour. To do so, go to the museum's website ! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.

How to book a tour ? (private or shared)

To book a private tour, you can check my availability on the tour web page and make a pre-booking. I'll get back to you within 48 hours to discuss the details of the visit, your wishes, your constraints... and I'll send you a quote with a payment link to confirm your visit. Please note that the price of admission to the museum is not included, so you'll need to buy a ticket at the same time. You can also contact me by phone or via the contact form. For shared tours, you can book a visit by purchasing a place on the tour presentation web page. For further information, I can always be reached by telephone or via the contact form.

Why take a tour with an official tour guide ?

The profession of tour guide is a regulated one, requiring a state diploma, and only authorized guides can guide you in museums or national heritage sites. We benefit from solid, comprehensive training and know how to handle groups, different types of public and special situations.

How do I book online ?

Go to the page of the tour you'd like to take ! For a private tour, choose a time slot, then make a pre-booking (request a quote). For a shared tour, choose the tour you want and reserve your place by paying directly on the site.

Can I cancel my visit ? How soon can I cancel ?

It is possible to cancel up to 7 days before the visit. Up to 5 days in advance, you will receive a 50% refund, after that there is no refund unless you find someone else to do it for you.

Can I pay by bank transfer ?

Yes, it is possible to pay by bank transfer. Please contact me by email helene@marbreetpastel.com so that I can send you my bank details. Your registration will be processed as soon as payment is received.

Can I book a tour if I've already paid for my tickets ?

It's not easy, but it's not impossible! It depends on the place, date and time, because your guide has to book a speaking slot at the museum in advance in order to have the right to guide you. Please contact me via the contact form.